Best Places to Learn Code Online

image of best places to code online 1Learning programming languages is not like it used to be and is now very easy to teach yourself by using online interactive sites. When I was still learning the basics, there were very few opportunities online that helped you to get to grips with coding and the ones I did find were difficult and frustrating to use. Now there are loads, and they are detailed, explaining everything you need to know to learn and master programming languages without too much effort. I think everyone has the potential to try coding, and if you can handle it, you will grow to love it.

Even I sometimes check online for tips when I am confused with something. There are lots of professionals out there that are sharing their knowledge with advice, screen casts and best practices. Choose from these great sites that provide interactive lessons on learning languages such as HTML, Ruby, CSS, PHP, iOS and much more.

Fun fact: Learning to code late at night is better than doing it during the daytime. Just kidding. That’s only my opinion.


This has to be the most well-known site that teaches code interactively, as they have well thought-out courses and an easy to use interface. Each lesson is motivating, and they have loads of different courses from JavaScript to APIs, Python and Web Fundamentals. It is simple to get started and once you begin you won’t want to stop. As you watch each lesson, there are two panels, one explaining the instructions and necessary code needed for what you are learning and the other allowing you to try it out yourself. Try out some code on your own and then check it to see if it is correct. We all make mistakes at first so don’t stress, plus the panels will show you any mistakes and provide hints for staying on the right path. In my opinion this style of teaching is perfect; there is a mix of watching and trying yourself which is needed to stay interested and focused.

Learn Street

Learn Street is a great choice for those serious about getting started with code, and it’s free which makes it even better. With beginner levels on Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, the courses include exercises, a code interpreter and a glossary panel for adding new terms.

Code Avengers

I love this website as it has been totally designed for those who love programming and those who will learn to love it. There are only a limited number of courses including HTML5, CCS3, and JavaScript, but each lesson contains every detail and is very enjoyable. The courses are designed to be both entertaining and educational at the same time; you will be learning programming skills while having fun, and a reward at the end of each lesson is a mini game. Each course is taken slowly and information is fed bit by bit. All at once which can be overwhelming, then each time you learn something new you get the chance to try it out and see for yourself what it does. A perfect choice for beginners that are a bit wary.

Code School

Code school is the next step once you have finished some beginner’s courses on one of the above sites. When you feel ready to expand your skills and knowledge, here is the place to go. The courses offered here are much more detailed, and you can gain a lot more experience. Most courses are free, but some require a monthly fee to access everything, every course has lots of information and challenges to try out that can be difficult at first but have hints to help out.

Tree House

This is where to go when you have a plan or purpose in mind, rather than teaching program languages it is more focused on certain projects such as building an app or website. There are lots of different choices depending on what you want to know. If you want to build a website choose from an interactive site, WordPress theme or responsive site, or whatever your website idea is you should find the related course. Watch and learn from the lessons then test your new skills in a quiz to see how much you remembered. Tree House is perfect for people that don’t want to learn code completely, just certain parts that will help them along the way.

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