The Time I Coded For Five Days Straight With No Sleep

image of staying up for five straight daysThis may sound crazy, but it happened; I sat at my computer coding for five days without moving apart from going to the bathroom and grabbing some food. A client that I often work for wanted a complicated mobile app created for iOS that was then to be developed into a cross-platform app, and he needed it done fast. I accepted the task as I didn’t have many other things to do, and I was feeling ready for a new challenge.

Hey guys, interesting news. It turns out intelligent people love staying up late!

Getting Started

When he told me he needed it as soon as possible, I didn’t realise how much work it needed in such little time. I sat for the first day and got to work, and then I hit some complications with the programming language and got so frustrated I just scrapped it all and started again. I decided then that I would not leave my computer until I had sorted this app.

image of staying up for days in a rowHitting Complications

With technical apps like the one, I was creating there were bound to be some difficulties. I had lots of problems with the functionality and only by the third day did it start to come together. I had to keep testing it constantly to see how it was all working and making sure both the front and back ends were right. On the third day when the sun started to rise, I felt a bit light-headed and dizzy, but at the same time I just couldn’t give up and was so focused on getting this sorted.

Finally Finishing

When it got to the fourth day, I was so nearly finished but there were just a few things to clear up. A couple of them were so adamant not to change, and it was so exasperating. I tried all day and then at night I had to speak to a couple of my programmer friends online. They kept trying with me, giving me tips and advice and finally about 5am we manage to fix everything, Hallelujah. It finally sank in that I was finished, and I was so relieved. I triple-checked everything and sent it all over to the client, and when I heard back from him at about 7am, I finally went to bed.

How I Survived

Of course, the two things that kept me going were coffee and energy drinks. I called a friend on the second day to bring me supplies as I was working my butt off on a project and needed food and drink to keep me alive. I am used to staying up all night anyway. I have not slept for two days loads of times before, but this time it was extreme, and I definitely wouldn’t do it again or recommend it to anyone else.

My body kept telling me to go to bed but my brain was focused on the light at the end of the tunnel, and I just couldn’t pull myself away. I made sure I kept eating and drinking and somehow I managed to do it in 5 days. I got a huge bonus from the client who was happy with the app and then I think I slept for about 20 hours. The next week I was in a weird sleep zone and felt like a zombie but after that I was cool, and I am totally glad I did it once for the experience.

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