Why All Coders Should Wear A Tactical Watch

why a tactical watch helps my coding skillsIf you’ve been reading my early blog posts then you are probably surprised with the title of this post (I would be too). I’ve talk about how I’ve coded for five nights straight, as well as why coding keeps me stuck to the couch (not getting enough exercise). I decided to change it and it up and give you the top reasons why all coders should wear a tactical watch.

1 – No More Distractions

Most coders will probably admit they are glued to two things: their phone and their coding. While modern phones offer us a ton of different things to do, most of it can be distracting. I’ve seen a massive improvement in my coding focus after I ditched the phone.

2 – Use Your Tactical Watch As A Timer

You’re probably going to say, “Why don’t you just use your phone”. Well, recall the #1 point of this article: Modern phones are distracting. Trust me, even if you say will not use your phone you will. If you decide to use the timer on the phone you will inevitably get sucked into it.

Did you know that it takes about 10-15 to regain the focus you had after you are distracted during a time you’re “in the zone.” It’s important to ditch the smartphone if you want to pound out some serious coding.

3 – Tactical Watches Give You An Edge

Let’s face it: 99% of all coders are huge dorks. Most of us stick out like a sore thumb when we walk around in public. My dating life isn’t that spectacular, but I figure an awesome tactical watch might make me look like a badass (I know I’m dreaming).

Although it might seem farfetched, I have been asked about my watch (yes, they look cool to the casual observer).

Note: if you don’t know what a tactical watch looks like then I recommend you check out “The Tactical Guru”. The website is awesome and gives a lot of background information on tactical watch (ie, what features to look for). I ended going with a Suunto brand.

Back to the main story. A couple of girls did ask me about my watch. Of course, I was too shy to say anything that kept their interest (it’s a step in the right direction). I said, “Yes, it’s very tactical. Do you like it?”

image of taking your watch in the shower 14 – You Can Wear It In The Shower

Rolex watches have a reputation of being top class, but they can’t survive a date with the shower. The true coding geek will be pumped by the fact they can take it into the shower.

The first time I took my new Suunto tactical watch into the shower I was on a 24-hour coding binge. I actually forgot to take it off (I’m wasn’t used to the watch) and realized I had it on in the middle of my shower. I smiled to myself because I knew it would keep telling the time.

5 – Coder Wouldn’t Get Any Other Kind

Okay, if a coder decides to buy a watch then it’s natural for the person to avoid the “nicest” one. Just like many casual observers flock to the Iphone, the true coder knows that the Android system is “better”. It’s better for the coder because they can take the phone to the next level with a few quick tweaks.

While you can’t tweak or code a tactical watch, it looks a little “dorky” (even though military men wear them). It’s bulky and feels like something a coder would wear.

Stay focused and get coding; buy a tactical watch soon!

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