Why I Like Working Late At Night

image of working late at night 1There are many reasons why I like working through the night, it just seems to be the time when my brain switches on, and I am more productive. I have found myself a good cycle where I sleep in the early hours of the morning and wake up in the afternoon. It works great for me and I can get lots done during my ‘days’.

Not sure why, but FastCompany says that working late at night is bad for your brain. I’ll stick to my plan; thanks FastCompany.

Daylight Doesn’t Work For Me

One of the main reasons I like working at night is during the day I can’t focus due to the light. First the computer screen goes weird in bright light and second, my brain can’t seem to function when the sun is blaring through the windows. Ok, so I do have blinds but they aren’t the best, and the light still filters through.

image of working late at night 2Noise

Throughout the day and even in the evening there is a lot of noise outside as the world goes by, and I get distracted easily. Car horns and people shouting make my thought patterns stop and I get frustrated because I can’t concentrate on what I am doing. After around 9pm, everything starts to get quieter, and I can begin my work properly, and then the hours seem to fly by, I get loads done and suddenly its 4am.

Other People Are Online

Another great thing about working late at night is most of the people I know are online. Many programmers like myself also work late at night for the same reasons, so when we can always ask each other advice and questions about the coding we are doing. I like knowing so many other programmers online because we can show each other new skills and tricks, and we all get to learn new things. I think we all like working through the night because it is more relaxing and seems like a long time without restrictions. So we can just carry on doing what we love all night, every night.

People are always telling me it’s really bad to go to bed really late and wake up so late, that people are more productive and healthier when they wake up at like 7am every day. I have tried it before though, and it is just not for me, I know that I work best through the night, so that is how I plan my routine. I do sometimes mess up my routine when I carry on working through the night until the sun starts rising; sometimes I don’t want to stop because the code is flowing, and I’m on a roll. Then my sleep gets all messed up, and I wake up late, so I have to try and set alarms, so I wake up at least before sunset. Then I can eat my breakfast, plan what work I have to do, and get going as soon as I am ready. What’s most important is how much I can get done and that just seems to be best when I work through the night.

And I don’t have to talk to people in person. I’ve already blogged about why I hate talking sports to people.

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